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Our Faculty's research has been developing under the umbrella thrust of Sustainability/Resilience focusing on problem-based interdisciplinary collaborations on strategic areas such as Energy, Materials and Water. Our areas of expertise cover a broad range of engineering topics, such as: Structural Engineering and Structural Materials Environmental Engineering Water-Resources Engineering Integrated Building Systems MEP Systems Our Faculty members collaborate with other units within the College of Engineering and outside, as well as with other national and international institutions on interdisciplinary research projects that are externally-funded through federal, state, industry and foundation grants.

Research in Civil Engineering

  • Ali Ghahremaninezhad: Solid mechanics, multiscale modeling and characterization of materials, computational mechanics, and failure analysis of materials
  • James Giancaspro: Structural engineering, material testing, aerospace and civil infrastructure applications of composite materials
  • Antonio Nanni: Construction materials; structural design; field applications including evaluation and repair; civil infrastructure sustainability and renewal
  • Luis Ruiz Pestana: Multi-scale simulation methods and a statistical physics the theoretical framework to investigate the mechanisms underlying the anomalous propertied of matter at the nanoscale, with the ultimate aim of designing better nanomaterials.
  • Landolf Rhode-Barbarigos: Passive and adaptive structures, form-finding and analysis of structures, structural design and optimization, computer-aided engineering
  • Wimal Suaris: Fracture mechanics, non-destructive testing, wind effects on structures, structural engineering
  • Prannoy Suraneni: Infrastructure sustainability, concrete durability, new and advanced infrastructure materials, supplementary cementitious materials, chemical admixtures, and cement hydration. 

Research Centers and Projects

Research in Architectural Engineering

  • Matthew Trussoni: Life cycle assessment (LCA) of structures, building information modeling applications, composite construction materials and fracture mechanics
  • Gang Wang: District heating and cooling systems, heat and mass transfer, renewable energy; modeling, control, optimization of mechanical and power systems
  • Esber Andiroglu: Development of engineered solutions related to smart water-energy infrastructures in response to climate change challenges in urban community settings