MS in Civil Engineering

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The MS in Civil Engineering provides students with the best foundation for launching or accelerating their career. Participants build the skills required to cope with the challenges presented in the field.

The specialty areas of study in civil engineering include:

  • Structural Engineering and Structural Materials
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Water-Resources Engineering

Industry Advisory Board

The MS program is informed by an industry advisory board with significant experience in civil and/or environmental engineering. To view the MS in Civil Engineering Program advisory board, please click here.


Students enrolled in the MS in Civil Engineering are required to complete a minimum of 30 course graduate credits.

Courses (6 credits minimum)

Students are required to take at least two Civil and Architectural (CAE) core courses (six credits) from the following list:

Course # Title Credits
CAE 711 Theory of Elasticity 3
CAE 712 Structural Reliability 3
CAE 714 Structural Dynamics 3
CAE 716 Fracture Mechanics 3
CAE 743 Risk Analysis 3
CAE 780 Indoor Environmental Modeling 3
CAE 781 Advanced Building Energy Modeling and Simulation 3
CAE 790 Advanced Topics 3

Electives (9 credits minimum)

Students must complete at least three CAE elective courses (nine credits) from the following list:

Course # Title Credits
CAE 605 Master's Project 3
CAE 611 Advanced Structural Analysis 3
CAE 620 Advanced Design of Concrete Structures 3
CAE 621 Advanced Design of Steel Structures 3
CAE 622 Design of Pre-stressed Concrete Structures 3
CAE 623 Design of Masonry Structures 3
CAE 625 Timber Structural Systems 3
CAE 630 Water Resources Engineering II 3
CAE 642 Solid and Hazardous Waste Engineering 3
CAE 660 Sustainable Construction 3
CAE 661 Computer-Aided Architectural Engineering Design 3
CAE 670 Advanced Foundation Engineering 3
CAE 681 Energy-Efficient Building Design 3
CAE 682 Building Energy Modeling and Simulation 3
CAE 690 Special Topics 3

Additional Elective Course Areas

At least 15 credits of additional graduate coursework must be taken in elective courses that are relevant to the specialty area of their MS degree program.

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